Courses run for 3 hours per week over 6-12 weeks. The dates for 2017 are as follows.

TERM  1                                                                                  TERM  2
Tuesday       7th     Feburary   6pm - 9pm                             Tuesday      18th      April   6pm - 9pm
Saturday      4th    Feburary   11am -2pm                             Saturday     22nd     April   11am -2pm
Saturday      4th    Feburary   3pm - 6pm                              Saturday     22nd    April    3pm - 6pm
Sunday        5th    Feburary   1pm - 4pm                               Sunday       23rd    April    1pm - 4pm


There are 4 terms a year (as per public school)  Dates and times for terms 3 and 4 2017 will be posted soon.



The school of footwear has open days every Wednesday of the year from 10am to 4pm.

This allows prospective students to come to the factory and meet some of the co-op who use the facility as their workroom every Wednesday. The co-op work in all areas of shoe making ( circus, theatre, orthopedics, fashion, art ) you will get to see some true hand making skills.

Then we can have a chat and I walk you through the curriculum and show you some of the skills you will learn in the three courses availableand some of the tools and machinery that you will use to make your pair of shoes, If you carn't make a Wednesday call me on 0401385957and we can make an appointment  for Saturday.